Recent Changes Page

The orginal website for the Elk Point Historical Society was created and put on the web in 1999. Some revisions were done but the current version was loaded and open to the public in January 22, 2013.

This launch included the original as well as new sites for Heinsburg, Lindbergh, and Ferguson Flats.

Here are additions made to the site over time:

Tom Johnson Life: By 1912 Tom felt ready to file on a quarter of homestead land that was available south west of St. Paul Alberta.

1906 to 1912 Ledger: This documents shows Tom's finances in London from 1906 to about 1910 when he came to Canada. The currency changes then and he continues on until he is homesteading in the Stoney Lake area in 1912. So the costs of his lifestyle in England and in Canada are comparable. 

1928 to 1973 LedgerThis account shows some Tom's farming expenses in the 30s and 40s. As well his hiring of other farmers in the area and what he hired them for is detailed in his accounts. 

EH Bjornstad Cartoons: Many cartoons were a simple character study of someone on the job at the Salt Plant; others detailed off the job activities in the Lindbergh area. Some were about specific events like a car crash on the way to work and others simply found humor in the Company's focus on safety while at times downplaying some accident.

Lindbergh from Air 1970s:These photos were shot by Dr KC Miller in the 1970s. Any help in getting the dates of the slides more exact would be appreciated.