So far we have very little writings from Lindbergh residents. 

On interesting item we have found are the ledgers of Tom Johnson. 

Tom Johnson's Accounting Journals Tom, an English bank staffer, came to Canada in 1910 and homesteaded in the Stony Lake country in 1912. He later moved to Lindbergh to his final farm, and there was the Municipal Secretary for many years. This section has 2 accounting journals that Tom used. One is his meticulous personal records for 1906 to 1912 which start when he lived on the outskirts of Dublin (done in British funds) and show the switch to being a Canadian homesteader in 1910. A second set of ledgers' show personal expenses from 1928 to 1970 (well after he retired) as well as payments to him to 1973.

Tom Johnson's bio by Marion Hannah (nee Johnson)