1956 February V 5 # 3


WE WELCOME Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reintjes and daughter Ingrid to our townsite. Frank is to fill the position of Assistant Plant Engineer here at the Plant.


Frank Reintjes, baby Ingrid and wife Henny are newcomers to the Lindbergh Plant where Frank is helping us make "Windsor" salt!

We've been trying to get some 70 deg. below weather to give them a taste of our lovely climate here at Lindbergh but so far the coldest we've been able to get is about 45 below!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PROUD PARENTS of our newest townsite baby — Cathryn Elizabeth McLennan, born Dec. 16, 1955 — daughter of Steffie and Tom McLennan!

A FAREWELL GET-TOGETHER WAS HELD IN THE DAIRY MILL recently at which time Mrs. Ronnie Lorenson ( formerly Sheila Wenzel—Packaging Dept.) was presented with a lovely hostess chair — a farewell gift from her fellow employees.

A CHRISTMAS CONCERT WAS HELD DECEMBER 18th in the Staff House Recreation Room. Films and a short program of songs, recitations and carols completed the evening after which Santa ( who managed to make an appearance despite cold and blustery weather) presented each boy and girl with a bag of treats and a present.

Our good old Scotch bard — Hammy Oliver wrote a short and very fitting poem for his granddaughter Heather to recite at the opening of the Concert. It went like this:—

On this our Christmas Party night,
It's very fitting and quite right
To welcome each and everyone
And say to you: "We're glad you've come!"
We hope you like our song and rhyme,
Reminding all of Christmas time.
How Jesus came to earth below
To teach us all the way to go.
Give thanks for all the Christmas fun,
Give thanks—this speech is nearly done!
At last! Before I call a halt:
"God Bless our homes and "Windsor Salt".

THE ADULTS CHRISTMAS PARTY was held December 22nd in the new Recreation Building which had been suitably decorated for the occasion with a Christmas tree and streamers. Music for dancing was supplied by plant employees and Santa — in the form of Herb Sills — presented each employee with a Company turkey — and wished us all a merry Christmas on behalf of the Company!

The Lindbergh Works employees extend their thanks to the Company for these wonderful Christmas turkeys!


Away In A Manger" is what the Lindbergh tiny tots — Lorna
Bjornstad, Darlene Wyness, Christine Seiler, Joe Seiler, Martin
Sills and Marvin Bjornstad — are singing above at Lindbergh's
annual Christmas Concert.


The skip shouts "Sweep!" and sweep they did. "They" being Ron
Seal, Joe Young and George Krissa. Elk Pointer, Bill Bartling stands
idly by while visitors press their noses against the Thermo-pane
in an exciting moment of the game!

SWEEP! SWEEP! In Turn, Out Turn, Oh no!! It's just part of the latest sport our plant employees are participating in! Everyone has been bitten by the Curling bug and never a night goes by that there isn't a steady stream of people coming and going to curl. Every coffee break and every lunch hour is filled with talking about how so and so beat so and so and who took too much "ice" and who didn't take enough "ice". Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves immensly and who knows, — we may even have a few Ken Watson's out here some day!


The winners — Ted Magnusson, Jim Young, Henry Lorenson and
Bob Lorenson beat the losers — Paul Stepa, Ronnie Barwick, Jack
Zarowny and Peter Yewchin who visited the Lindbergh curlers
for a friendly game!

Two Elk Point rinks came down on January 15th to see our Recreation Building and curling rink and to try the ice out. Both Elk Point rinks put up a good fight but were defeated. However a return game is scheduled for next Sunday with Windsor Club members playing in Elk Point, so perhaps the tables will be turned!

The "Coffee Bar" in the Recreation Building, run by the Windsor Club Ladies, is open nights to cater to the curlers. The service is excellent — the food is good — and on an ordinary night you can get anything from Hamburgers to Heinsburgers and even the odd Lindbergher too!

A NEW YEAR'S EVE "OPEN HOUSE" for employee's and their friends was held in the Recreation Building with Texie and Herb Sills as hosts. Despite cold, snowy weather a large crowd was on hand to "see the New Year in" and to wish each and everyone a Happy New Year!


This interior view of the curling section of the Windsor Club
Recreation Building will give some of the "Do It Yourself" fans an
idea of what can be done if you really try!

LINDBERGH WORKS EMPLOYEES won the Works Manager's Prize on November 25th, 1955 at 12:01 a.m. We are now on our way to the General Manager's Prize and woe betide anyone who stubs their toe now!

THANKS GO OUT FROM THE LINDBERGH WORKS GANG to Leatha, Wilfred and Allan Ingersoll who so generously supplied the music for our Christmas Party! Allan is a bagger and Leatha is a former Packaging Gal!

A NEWCOMER TO THE PACKAGING DEPARTMENT IS Miss Bertha McGinnis of Elk Point. We hope that Bertha will be with us for some time but from the looks of the "sparkler" she recently received we don't think we'll be seeing too much of her!

WE WELCOME BACK Lila Sharkey ( Packaging Dept.) from an absence of several weeks, due to a stay in hospital. How does it feel to be back Lila?