1956 September V 7 # 1



FAREWELLS were said to Miss Mary Ryder of the office staff who left the Company due to illness.

WE WELCOME Tom Melnyk to the "Salt Family". Tom who recently joined the staff hails from Elk Point.

A TEA in Honour of Mrs. Sills was held in the curling rink on July 13th. The tables were beautifully decorated with flowers. Pearl Stewart and Vera Fakeley served lunch and poured tea. Mrs. Sills was presented with a lovely wool blanket. The tea was enjoyed by ladies from Lindbergh and the townsite.

After three tries at the company picnic it was held on the townsite. To the disappointment of many it actually rained again on the fourth attempt. Thanks to our good old faithful "THE CURLING RINK" the picnicers moved in there, serving hot dogs etc. In the waiting room and running the races in the rink. Although it would have been better to have the picnic out doors, we hope the youngsters enjoyed themselves.

A SHOWER in honour of Florence Frisby (Dairy Mill ) was recently held in the Staff house. Irene Anderson was hostess to 39 of Florence's many friends. A mock wedding was presented with Allan Fakeley as the Bride and yours truly as the groom. Mrs. E. Gagnon made a lovely looking priest and Rhoda Lorenson gave the lovely bride away while mother of the bride (Irene Anderson) sat in the front "PEW" and wept.

Florence received many beautiful gifts and passed her ring around on her ribbons. We were sure it would make the little gal happy, so we tugged and tugged at the ribbon and guess who is next??? Edith Hodge ( Dairy Mill).

Ron Seal has recently returned from vacationing in California. We are sorry Ron didn't bring us any pictures but are glad to hear he had a good holiday.

Howard Austin recently vacationed at Neepawa and district. He returned with his wife and daughter, and "Tippy".

We wish a speedy recovery to Mrs. H. Oliver who is in Edmonton convalescing from an operation. We hope to see her back here real soon.


At our curling rink on Saturday evening June 30th the townsite and Lindbergh folks gathered in honour of Herb Sills. Farewells were said to Herb and Texie Sills, and everyone welcomed our new manager Jack Williams. Hammy Oliver presented Herb Sills with a Silver cocktail shaker, tray and goblets. His reply was "Topped" with his version of "The Little Red Rooster" accompanied by himself on the "Geetar". There were Gobs of food and refreshments and everyone enjoyed dancing to the music of Allan Ingersoll and his "LINDBERGH ESKIMOS". Out of town guest included J. D. Mair and Maestro Ayres.


Born to Grace and Alvin Meger on July 11th, a son.
Born to Joyce and Don Frazier on July 31st, a daughter.
Born to Terry and Ray Hammond on July 11th, a son.

Two of Lindbergh's finest bachelors have been snapped up . . . and it couldn't have happened to two nicer guys . . . or by two nicer gals. The fellow employees and many friends of the two couples wish them many years of happiness.V7%231-1956-a.jpg