Families arriving prior to 1913

by Marvin Bjornstad

These self reliant families arrived down river or following the Dominion Telegraph line which paralleled the Carlton Trail from Winnipeg to Edmonton. Mooswa was a telegraph station on the line as was Frog Lake.  These families either took a scow downriver with all their settlers effects or came with wagons carrying all they owned. Housing and storage became their immediate first worry. Alberta became a province and as soon as the survey was done much of the land was openned for homesteading.


"Other homesteaders of 1910 or 1911 were Archie Pasmore, Alex Taylor and Louie DeDelly. Caleb Dunham was living on his homestead in 1911 too. Jack Compton was an active community man. "Old" Bill McCormack homesteaded south of Dunham on what was known as McCormack's hill. His son Billy homesteaded too, but didn't live on his land. He and Reg Quayle, both cooks, were away much of the time." (from the pages of Reminising Ferguson Flats)