1952 V2#1 August



We bid a hearty welcome to six new members of the family— hopes for a long stay go to Florence Young, Aroma Hatchard, Walter Saranchuk, Pat Quinn, Nick Elaschuk and Shirley Romanchuk. Shirley is our new stenographer, taking Jean Andrishak's place. Our other steno, Miss Bernice Swanson, is on holidays at the coast.

Bert Ayers is also on holidays and we hear that he is bringing home a new car. We're all looking forward to a ride when he gets back.

*       * *

New cars seem to be blossoming forth left and right out here. There are four of them busily burning up gas in the neighborhood now. Freddy MacKleese has a new Monarch; Harry Kech, an Austin; Mike Shiplawy, a Studebaker and Joe Young a Ford VS.

*      * *

Must say it's been kind of lonesome around here since our foreman, Alex Wyness, has been laid up in the hospital. We all wish him the speediest of recoveries and hope to see him back soon.

*       * *

Up at the labelling machine, the other day, happened to overhear quite a discussion about the younger generation and their methods of dating. Says Harry Kech, "1" think these young boys around here are pretty foolish. They'll never date a girl unless she's pretty. Now, in my day, I took out girls with lots of money. I didn't care what they looked like because I always took them out in the dark!"

·       * *


Martin O'Day and his charming wife and daughter were welcome visitors at Lindbergh this week. The girls were selling raffle tickets in preparation for our coming Sports Day, and Mr. O'Day bought 12 tickets. With a head start like that, I don't see how he can lose.


From Here and There

Bert Ayres, Manager of Lindbergh Plant, hit Montreal at just the right time to be No. 1 guest of honour at a garden party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hobson on July 5th. No. 2 honors went to a 22 lb. New Brunswick salmon, caught by George Hobson in Restigouche waters and specially prepared for the occasion by the old maestro, N. C. H. himself. We'd like to print the recipe, Norman. How about it?