Employees of Early Salt Plant

Here are some photos of early Salt Company Employees:

The Powerhouse L to R: J Weibe, M Blackburn, Herb Sills, JP Wright, Louis Grosso

L to R: Alf Fakely, B Lorenson, H Young, J 

 Fuse Salt Porcessing L to R: R. Sutton, H Sutton,  Joe Young, W Quickstead

Vacuum Salt Operators L to R: Pat Maslak, Mike Sheplawy, Fred Macallese, Antony Sheplawy,  George Krissa

L to R: Doug Keck, Alex Wyness, R Storey , Augie Bartling, J Kracik, B Young, Raymond Hammond, A Quickstad 

Shipping & Mantenance L to R: W. Anderson, C. Magnuson, H. Keck, Dan Allen

Back L to R:?, ?,?,?,?,?, Tom Melynk, ?,?, Tom Maclennan,?,?,?,

Front L to R: ?,?,?,?,?,