1953 September V 2 # 7



We take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Sills as new Works Manager here at Lindbergh and hope he and his family will enjoy living in our small community of "Cascade".

There are a lot of sad-faced Artists walking around here lately. The walls of the Labelling room were the favorite canvas of the Plant Artists, but now they've all been painted under. Don't feel too badly, boys, white shows up the pencil artistry better.

On July 4th we held our annual picnic at Whitney Lake — the best one yet. Hot dogs and drinks were served free most of the day.

The tug-o-war was worth watching. It started out fine, with everyone tugging like troupers, neither side giving an inch! Then something happened. And the results? See picture. Bringing up the rear on the "Drag" line are Millie Grauman and Nellie Wyness.

Next came the ball game: Ladies vs. Men. The "Good Ump" — Joe Young, gave the ladies a few breaks such as 7 strikes 'n you're out! and walks on the 2nd ball. Results: Ladies beat the men by 5 scores.

Welcome to the newcomers: Florence and Jean Young, Florence Frisby, Leatha Ingersoll, George Belter, Even Anderson, Zane Sheplawy, Ed. Dendera, Henry Seiler, Roy Cinnamon.

August has been a busy month for holidays. But they're all over for: Joyce Castel, George Krissa, Steffie and Tom McLennan, Freddy McAleese, Bill Anderson, Mike Sheplawy, Alf and Allan Fakeley, Twe Horton, Allister Rylance, John Williams, Ernie and George Belter, Raymond Hammond, Bernice Swanson, Doreen Gray, Tony Sheplawy, Pat Maslak, Jack Wiebe, Harry Grauman.

On August 3rd, Steffie McLennan received her 5-Year Pin award. Congratulations, Steffie. Going to try for the double?

George Krissa has a new job now. He's foreman over the loaders and men downstairs.