1960 July V 10 # 3


Flashing lights, blowing horns, and gleaming chrome — No, its not Nikita's astonoid, it's Erny Schulz's new re-reconditioned 1953 Chevrolet. Did you finally get it to run on all six, Erny?

Ed Pankiw is sporting a brand new Envoy. Sure looks good to us, Ed.

The local members of the Civil Defence Corps, set up an emergency hospital at the Curling Rink to receive evacuees from the Elk Point Area, on Civil Defence Day. About 15 "casualties" were taken care of in about twenty minutes much to the satisfaction of local co-ordinator, Dr. A. G. Ross. Some of the supposed "casualties" gave us a lot of good laughs with their would-be moans and groans.

Herb Sutton returned recently from an extended tour of the U.S.A. Boy, "dig that sun tan!"

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Kerklaan on the birth of a son, Paulus Johannes, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Seal on the birth of a daughter Myrna Lillian.

Congratulations are extended to Blaine Lungul and Annette Cummetz who will be married June 18.

Recent additions to the "salt family" are: Mrs. Henrietta Keck, Mrs. Eileen Cundliffe, Mrs. Lydia Young, Mrs. Shiela Lorenson, James Wyness, Edwin Anderson and Larry Lorenson. Welcome to the "salt mines" gang.

We are sorry to report that Mrs. Bartling, Mrs. Wyness, J. D. Williams and Carol Heinemann have been hospitalized, and hope all are feeling better.

Gerald Stults, of our maintenance department is sporting a new boat and motor, but it is so bright and shiny it seems to be frightening away all the fish ( Ha! )

Overheard in the shipping department — "We are buying retail and selling wholesale. We don't make much mone but we sure do a good business!"


1. This picture of A. J. Bartling taken at his home in Elk Point on Easter Sunday. Augie completed ten years service with Canadian Salt on June 8. Most of this time was spent as block press operator. We think this may be a record for the job.

2. Tom McLennan and Frank Reintjes caught off guard (Working???)


Shipping foreman, George Krissa, hard at work.


Lindbergh Correspondent Cal Cundliffe.