1972 May V 20 N 5

Lindbergh News

By Joan Darling

May 1st dawned with Ronald and Lily Seal off to England for a three week holiday. May 1st was the couple's 25th Wedding Anniversary. They planned their trip 25 years ago. Congratulations to you both and have a wonderful time.


Lily and Ronald Seal on their 25th Anniversary party. 

The curling windup party on April 22 was an evening of fun and dancing. Lunch and refreshments were served.

Jon Morris is home and handling the cast on his foot quite well. Some weeks ago he was hurt while riding a power toboggan.

Congratulations to Walter Lesyk and Carl Heinemann who received their 15-year pins in May.

Harry Grauman retires at the end of May. At present he is a fuse plant operator— he has been with the Plant for 24 years.

Welcome Maxine Somerville who started work May 15. She replaces Deanna Fakeley in the lab. Deanna is quitting May 30.

The Windsor Club annual outdoor barbecue is scheduled for June 3.