Windsor Salt Licks

by Marvin Bjornstad

In 1950 as a number of Salt companies were merged to become the Canadian Salt Company a new magazine, Windsor Salt Licks,  was published detailing many of the of change around each plant and office site. We have gathered the information from this magazine about the Lindbergh plant site and published it here. 

The Salt plant was two miles from the community of Lindbergh and had its own small community of about 20 homes called Riverview. However all services were in Lindbergh and many workers at the plant lived in the surrounding rural community. 

Thanks to the late Raymond Hammond for collecting the Salt Licks and to Glen Hammond for making them available to us. We will organize them by decade so the 1950s will have a page, the 1960s etc. 

1950s Lindbergh Salt Licks
1960s Lindbergh Salt Licks
1970s Lindbergh Salt Licks
1980s Lindbergh Salt Licks
1990s Lindbergh Salt Licks
2000s Lindbergh Salt Licks