1961 February V 10 # 6


SWEEP! SWEEP!, At last the curling season is in full swing, and we hear many of our gang complaining of sore arms, aching backs, and blistered fingers. But don't give up, a few more games and these ills will cure themselves. Besides, our annual bonspiel is coming up pretty soon. So far this year we have had some very good games and some remarkable scores — thirteen to four, for example. "Ye Aud" correspondent is spending a very comfortable season curling with the experts — behind the glass ...

The annual Christmas program was very enjoyable. A big pat on the back goes out to those who gave so generously of their time to guide the children through their paces .. . After the program, Santa arrived to distribute gifts and treats to all the wide-eyed youngsters.

The Adult party, held the following evening, began with a delicious turkey supper prepared by the ladies of the Windsor Club. An evening of singing and dancing followed.

Well 1960 certainly was a good year for our Frank Reintjes. After many hours of study he received his degree in engineering from the University of Alberta. Frank also became a Canadian citizen, and completed five years service with the company. Quite an accomplishment all in one year. Our best wishes and heartiest congratulations, Frank.

Some of us at Lindbergh are wondering if our Edmonton correspondent really thinks it proper to measure the degree of civilization by the number of electrical appliances in use. If Jasper Ave. during the five o'clock rush is an example of civilization give us the primitive safety of the country life, TV or no TV.

We are sorry to hear that Ron Lorenson has been feeling under the weather. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Since last issue we have had the pleasure of visits from Mr. J. D. Mair, M. F. O'Day, J. A. Nimmo and Herb Wyness.

Odds and N's

FOR SALE: one slightly used T.V. interference eliminator, also fresh eggs. Apply E. H. Bjornstad.

We see Gerald Stults sporting a blue and white 1957 Ford. Wow, what power!

Rumor has it that the Bjornstads held open house Christmas Eve. — Sure was a good party.

FLASH: The Lindbergh hockey team have done it at last (They managed to win a game). Better luck next time.

— GCC.


Frank J. Reintjes, P.E.



Singing for Santa.


Full house at the Christmas program.


"When will my turn come?"


The Christmas supper.


"Toe Tappers", at the Christmas party.