1964 Spring V 13 N 2


The elected executive of the Windsor Club for 1964 is as follows:

President             â€” R. B. Carbert

Vice-President      — E. H. Bjornstad

Secretary               â€” H. D. Richardson

Treasurer               â€” E. W. Pankiw

Board of Directors:

— J. D. Williams

— H. W. Sutton

—  Mrs. A. Fakeley

— D. Keck

— R. P. Seal

Entertainment Committee:

— Mrs. E. Pankiw

—  Mrs. R. Carbert

— Mrs. H. D. Richardson

A mixed bonspiel was held Dec. 26 and 27. Winners were as follows:

First — J. Young, Mrs. A. Anderson, E. H. Bjornstad, C. Seal.

Second — N. Young, R. Kendall, E. W. Pankiw, Marvin Bjornstad.

Third—Geo. Krissa, N. Nelson, I. Livingston, M. Nelson.

First annual Windsor Club Ladies Open Bonspiel was held January 17 and 18. 12 teams participated in two events. A Trophy donated by Henry's Esso Service was given to the Grand Challenge Winners. Winning teams were:

First Event:

First      — Mrs. V. Pankiw, Lindbergh

Second — Mrs. W. Bespalko, Elk Point

Third    — Mrs. P. Bristow, Lindbergh
Fourth — Mrs. M. Molineaux, Clandonald

Second Event:

First     â€” Mrs. Ruzycki, Elk Point

Second — Mrs. L. Stepa, Elk Point

Third — Mrs. Wilson, Heinsburg

Fourth — Mrs. R. Lorenson, Lindbergh

The Annual Kiddies Christmas Party and concert was held December 15 and proved to be quite a success. The numerous songs and recitations, etc., were well received and the visit of Santa Claus gave one and all an enjoyable afternoon.

The Adults Party on Dec. 21 began with a pot luck supper and was followed by an enjoyable dance with music provided by Herb Sutton, Gerald Stults, G. Wilson and Bert Anderson.

Recent additions to the Salt Licks family:

November 19, 1963 — Penny Lynn Cameron

October 22, 1963 — Deborah Marie Hammond

Congratulations and best wishes from all their friends go to Karen and Dean Stults who were married Dec. 24. They are residing in Heinsburg.

The new residence of the Doug Keck family is progressing and they should be moving to the townsite soon.

Best wishes to Don and Mrs. Lumby from all their Lindbergh friends following Don's retirement.

— E.H.B.


Supper time at the Adult's Xmas Party.


Windsor Club President Ross Carbert and Mrs. Carbert
at the Party.


Henrietta and Doug Keck with Sheila Lorenson.


Virginia and Ed. Pankiw.


A group of the Children at the concert


The Drama section performing


Mrs. Bjornstad and Mrs. Pankiw dance the Butterfly with
J. D. Williams.


The Welcoming Group.


An Elk Point Trio.


A Lindbergh Duet.


Santa gives out gifts.


Shipper Geo. Krissa with no cars to ship.


Mixed-up Bonspiel First Prize Winners, E. H. Biornstad
and Joe Young. Missing, B. Anderson and C. Seal.


Second Prize Winners, N. Young, R. Kendall, E. W. Pankiw,
M. Biornstad.


Third Prize Winners, G. Krissa, M. Nelson, N. Nelson, I. Livingston.


Grand Challenge Winners — Karen Stults, Jo Horton,
lyrne Buck and Virginia Pankiw.


Second Price — First Event:
L. Prusak, V. Sheplawy, M. Soldan, P. Bespalko


First Prize — Second Event:
G. Barwick, A. Ruzycki, A. Buck, S. Mulak


Second Prize — Second Event:
L. Stepa, I. Miller, H. Petrosky, B. Williams