1962 April V 11 N 6


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Doug Keck, proud parents of a baby daughter, born March 25th.

We were sorry to say goodbye to Frans Kerklaan and his family, who have left to take up residence at Pincher Creek, Alberta, where Frans has accepted a job as shift engineer for B-A Oils. Both the Windsor Club and the Chemical Workers Union presented Frans with farewell gifts.

Roy Kendall has taken over shift engineer's duties in the powerhouse, and Ross Carbert has joined us as maintenance engineer. Ross expects his family to arrive from Edmonton to join him early in April.

We're glad to say that both Mrs. A. Bartling and Marvin Bjornstad are now out of hospital and back home. We wish both of you a speedy recovery.

On January 29, the Riverview "gang" celebrated the completion of seven years without a lost-time accident. We were very interested in the film on fire prevention which was shown, and delighted by the safety prizes awarded all round. The prizes will be reminders to keep us all safety- conscious as we work toward the 8th year.

The annual Windsor Club Bonspiel was held from February 7-10 and was enjoyed by all entrants. The list of prize winners was as follows:

Canadian Salt Co. Event

1st — P. Yewchin rink 2nd — G. Anderson rink 3rd — P. Stepa rink 4th — F. Bowman rink

Merchants Event

1st — F. Johnston rink 2nd — N. Jones rink 3rd — K. C. Miller rink 4th — R. Lorenson rink

Supervisors Event

1st — A. Wyness rink 2nd — R. Seal rink

3rd — L. Croft rink

4th — C. McConnel rink

Windsor Curling Club Event

1st — M. Buck rink

2nd — J. Thygeson rink 3rd — E. Bristow rink 4th — H. Blacklock rink

This year's winners in the local Club Bonspiel:‑

1st Event — 1st — Joe Young Rink 2nd — R. Seal Rink

3rd — N. Young Rink 4th — A. Meger Rink

2nd Event — 1st — H. Lorenson Rink 2nd — R. Lorenson Rink 3rd — F. Frisby Rink

4th — G. Anderson Rink

This year's winners of the Windsor Curling Club Round Robin:-

1st — F. Frisby Rink 2nd — N. Young Rink 3rd — A. Wyness Rink 4th — M. Buck Rink

The Cribbage Tournament for this year saw three new local units formed to compete in Windsor Club play-offs. Local winners were:

Windsor Club — Mr. H. Macnusson Spring Park — Grandad Graves Elk Point       — Evelyn Solden
Willow Range — Carl Vogel

At the play-offs held March 7th in the Curling Rink, the Chemical Workers Trophy was won by Evelyn Solden of Elk Point.


G. Anderson rink, 2nd in Canadian Salt Co. Event


P. Stepa rink, 3rd


F. Bowman rink, 4th


R. Lorenson rink, 4th


A. Wyness rink, 1st in Supervisors Event


R. Seal rink, 2nd.


F. Johnston rink, 1st in Merchants Event


N. Jones rink, 2nd


K. C. Miller rink, 3rd.


L. Croft rink, 3rd.


M. Buck rink, 1st in Windsor Curling Club Event


J. Thygeson rink, 2nd.


John Williams presents safety prize to Nick Elaschuk


Some of the proud and happy group at the Safety Prize Awards


E. Bristow rink, 3rd.


H. Blacklock rink, 4th