1961 April V 11 # 1


What's new ? Well, we have something new this issue. We are now importing salt from the Western Chemicals plant at Duvernay for use in our fusing operation. The first load was delivered on February 28, by Mr. E. M. Buck.

Farewells were said to Jim Cameron who retired at the age of 65 after twelve and a half years service. He was presented with a Westminster chime clock.

Recently joining our "salt family" are Neil Nelson, Bruno Kummetz and Blaine Berg.

Jim Wyness left us on February 16 to try his hand at farming. Best of luck in your new endeavour.

Ross Anderson left the Company on March 10 to seek fame and fortune in the big city of Edmonton. The best wishes of all the salt shifters go with him.

We regret to report that Lila Wilson, Blaine Lungul and Cal Cundliffe have been confined to hospital but all are back in the harness again now.

The playoffs in the local Round Robin were held on February 27 with J. Boyd taking first honors. A. Wyness second, R. Anderson third and H. Lorenson fourth.

"Inside Info" While steno Schulz was away sick we noticed F. J. Reintjes doing his own typing — two-finger artist!

On Saturday, March 4th, Mr. John McQuade, manager at Western Chemicals, Duvernay, and three of his staff challenged our J. D. Williams and a local ring to a game of curling. It was a very close game but the better rink won (OUR BOYS!). Both rinks had a "Grand Afternoon."

Congratulations are in order for Howard Austin, who has now completed twenty years service with the Company.

Bonspiel Break down —

This year our mixed Bonspiel began February 1 with thirty- six rinks entered.

The Banquet was held the evening of February 4th. The ladies served a delicious cold plate supper which drew many compliments from all the curlers.

The Prize Winners were as follows:
The Canadian Salt Co. Event:

First: S. Elliot rink from Dewberry Second: J. Thygesen rink from Elk Point Third: H. Schewchuk rink from Elk Point Fourth: J. Bykewick rink from Elk Point

Merchants event:

First: H. Lorenson rink from Lindbergh Second: G. Wilson rink from Heinsburg Third: G. Krissa rink from Lindbergh Fourth: J. Boyd rink from Lindbergh

Supervisor's Event:

First: 0. Lunden rink from Dewberry Second: F. Frisby rink from Lindbergh Third: R. Smith rink from Lindbergh Fourth: F. Johnston rink Elk Point

From all reports curlers and "Bonspieler's" alike had a real "bang-up time."

In some quarters we are having our come-back with civilization. Some of our wealthier citizens are not sporting one but two TV sets.

We are pleased to report that our Joe Lacrosse (fused plant operator) will soon be opening a confectionery in Lindbergh. Our best wishes for your success, Joe.

Winners of the Windsor Club Cribbage tournament were James Young, first, and Mrs. Joe Young, second. Well done, folks.