1959 July V 9 # 4


Wonder of wonders, for the first time in three years Mr. Weatherman gave the Sun preference over the Rain at our annual picnic.

The old saying, "Sticky Fingers", was taken lightly as the youngsters were filled to overflowing with ice-cream, soda pop and hotdogs.

The prize winners in the racing events were as follows: First, Second and Third respectively.

Pre School Age Children—Ricky Maslak - Peter Kerklaan
Girls 6- 9—Cheryl Seal - Darlene Wyness
Boys 6- 9—Dennie Lorenson - Garry Elaschuk
Girls 9-14—Josephine Young - Marlyn Krissa
Boys 9-14—Dave Wyness - Jim Sheplawy
Girls 14-Up—Josephine Young - Marlyn Krissa
Boys 14-Up—Herb Wyness - John Williams ... Boys??

Three Legged Races.

Girls 6- 9—Cheryl Seal and Darlene Wyness
Boys 6- 9—Jean Heineman and Dennie Cameron Garry Elaschuk and Dennie Lorenson Marvin Bjornstad and David Lungul
Girls 9-14—Fay Anderson and Larriane Seal Linda Krissa and Lorna Cameron Marlyn Krissa and Joanne Lacrosse
Boys 9-14—Donald Wyness and Dwain Young Keith Williams and Garry Fakeley Burton Anderson and David Lungul

Sack Races.

Girls 6-11—Larriane Seal - Darlene Wyness - Linda Krissa
Boys 6-11—Keith Williams - Dennie Lorenson - Marvin Bjornstad
Girls 11-Up—Fay Anderson - Josephine Young - Lorna Cameron
Boys 11-Up—Donald Wyness - David Wyness - Dwain Young

Two big events of the day were the baseball and softball games. Pony Leaguers vs The Age'n Athletes and School Girls vs ah, . . . The Young Women. The Riverview Braves (pony league) came up with a 11-5 victory. In softball the girls won by a slight margin over the young women, which I think proved that we not only grow older, but sometimes feel that way.

And as the sun set on the playground, mustard
colored napkins tumbled in the breeze.

Pop bottles, now but empty shells, lay hiding in the weeds.

Tired wee people were tucked into their beds,

with thoughts of next years picnic filling their tousled heads.

We were honored by a visit from Messrs. Mair, Ayres and O'Day on April 14th and 15th.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Rowland, chauffered by Ken Scarf visited the plant on May 11th.

A farewell and house-warming party was held in the recreation room on May 23rd to honour the Hardys and the Maslaks.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hardy left to reside in Minburn, Alberta, where Joe has purchased the Minburn Hotel. Much luck in your new venture, and all free samples will be appreciated.

Pat and Pauline Maslak, who had been residents of the townsite for some nine years, have purchased a new home in Elk Point. Congrats folks.

Mr. Hardy was presented with a seal skin wallet, while Mr. and Mrs. Maslak received a hostess chair.

The Sandhill Crane (being hardy Westerners we don't believe in Storks) made its way to the townsite this spring.

On April 14th, Herb and Arlene Wyness purchased from the Elk Point Hospital a baby Girl, Ramona Ann.

Ronald and Sheila Lorenson, a boy, Craig Ronald, on April 23rd. It seems Ronald was observed, through a haze of cigar smoke, yelling at the top of his lungs, "I Did It", "I Did It". ( the first being a girl)

Congratulations are also due to Mr. and Mrs. Tom McLennan on the birth of their baby girl, Constance Jean.

Much to the regret of her fellow workers, Susan Peters left the Company's employ on June 22nd. Mr. Williams presented Susan with a Twin Luggage set on behalf of the Staff and Plant employees. We sincerely hope that the bright lights of Edmonton do not keep her from visiting us occasionally.

We extend a warm welcome to Marion Lorenson, who commenced her Secretarial duties on June 23rd.

We also welcome Mr. and Mrs. Casey Crebas, Steam Engineer, and trust they will enjoy their new life at Riverview.

A speedy recovery is wished to Irene Anderson, who was hospitalized on June 22nd.

FLASH! Cartoonist at large. It was reported to us at 11:30 A.M., Thursday, June 25th, 1959, that Elmer Bjornstad had risen in the ranks of society.  E. H. Bjornstad, having been notified to the effect that he had passed his 1st Class Steam Engineers Examinations, was last seen in the vicinity of Wozeny's Mellow Malts. A first-class cartoonist has now become a first-class engineer, too.

— H.W.