1960 April V 10 # 2



Greeting all from the Curling capital of the west!

This year's mixed bonspiel held the week of February 2nd to 7th was a roaring success with thirty-two rinks entered.

The first game got under way at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening, and from then on the smell of hamburger and onions, mingled with words of wisdom from the experts, filled the air.

The banquet was held on Saturday evening with all curlers present. The addition to the waiting room certainly simplified the serving of the banquet this year. Following the delicious buffet supper served by the ladies of the Club. Henry Lorenson called the skips to introduce their rinks and impart a few words of wit and wisdom.

Winners this year were:

Canadian Salt Company Event:
First — John Bykewick, Mrs. Dyrda, Harry Schewchuk and Mrs. Marusyk.
Second — Geo. Krissa, Mrs. Krissa, Herb Sutton, and Mrs. Bjornstad.
Third — Peter Yewchin, Miss E. Soldan, John Rosichuk and Mrs. Yewchin.
Fourth — Paul Stepa, Mrs. Stepa, John Williams and Miss MacIntosh.
Merchants Event:
First — Ed Bochan, Mrs. C. Sharkey, Don Ballas and Mrs. D. Gray.
Second — Fred Mulak, Mr s. Mulak, Phil Sheplawy and Mrs. Sheplawy.
Third — Joe Young, Mr s. Young, 0. Dennison and Mrs. Anderson.
Fourth — E. Meger, Mrs. McPhail, Elmer Bristow and Mrs. Bristow.
Supervisors Event:
First — N. Young, Miss E. Hodge, Leonard Young and Mrs. C. Young.
Second — Dean Stults, Donna Stults, Dave Wyness and Mrs. Keller.
Third — Bill Bartling, Mrs. Bartling, Gus Hellquist and Mrs. Hellquist.
Fourth — Fred Frisby, Mrs. Frisby, Ira Livingston and Mrs. 0. Sharkey.

The prize for the big end event to Dr. F. G. Miller of Elk Point, and the prize for the longest combined waistline went to the E. Sharkey rink of Heinsburg.

We notice Alf Fakeley is sporting a new Vauxhall. Will it go as fast as the old one would, Alf?

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pankiw on the birth of a daughter, Charlene Cheryl; also to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hammond on the birth of a son, Norman Glen.

Who's the stranger, Mother, dear?
Look; he knows us — ain't he queer.
Hush my own, don't talk so wild,
He's your father, dearest child.
He's my father! Not at all.
Father passed away last fall.
Father didn't die, you dub,
Father joined the curling club.
But they've closed the club, so he
Has no place to go you see ..
No place left for him to roam ...
That is why he's coming home.
Kiss him, he won't bite you, child,
All those curling bugs look wild.
Bring his slippers to the chair,
For he is tired and full of care.
Ask the minister to call,
And help to build up his morale.
I hope his pastor will him show
That there's no curling done below.
So he will seek the better place,
Before he gets too tough for grace.
Kiss him, he won't bite you, child,
All those curling bugs look wild.


We were honored with a visit from Mr. M. F. O'Day the weekend of March 9th. Hope you had a good trip home Mr. O'Day.

We hear rumours that Erny Schulz is looking for a good used bicycle. If any of ye olds Salts have one in the attic, perhaps you should give him a call.

Our plant safety record has earned us recognition from The National Safety Council. We have been awarded their "Certificate of Commendation" for low frequency and low severity injury rate. Our score sheet, as compiled by the Council, states that our record is 100% better than for the industry on both counts. Now let's strive for the higher honor, the "Award of Merit".




The Bykewick rink, Winners of the Grand Challenge.


The Bochan rink, first in the second event.


The Krissa rink, second in the first event.