Class Pictures for Lindbergh School

We have quite a few pictures from the various classes attending Lindbergh School. 


1950 1951 Lindbergh School Class Picture

Back Row L R: Mr Modin, Gordon Fakely,  Jim Sheplawy, Edith Young, Gerald Cameron, Marion Lorenson, Herb Wyness, Carmy Grauman, Allan Fakely, Charlotte Hodge, Even Anderson

Second Row: Richard Lorenson, Shirley Anderson, ???, Lennie Heineman, George Anderson, David Lorenson, Larry Lorenson, Fred Fisby, Lee Hodge, Wally Cameron, Jeannette Wyness, Linda Elaschuk, Jim Young

Third Row: Brian Anderson, Ellen Lein, Mildred Sawchuk, Marilyn Krissa, Josephine Young, Sabina Herachuk, Helen Passmore, Norma Young, Faye Anderson, Etta Young, Anne Young, Delphine Grauman, Tom Passmore

Front Row: Edward Lein, Ronnie Sheplawy,  Jim Wyness, Jim Bullis, Allen Young, Ross Anderson, Allan Modin, Ronnie Lorenson, David Wyness


Lindbergh School Class Picture 1951

Back Row L R: Mr Modin, Carmy Gruman, Evan Anderson, Edith Hodge, Herb Wyness, Marion Anderson, Allan Fakely, Charlotte Hodge, David Lorenson

Middle Row: Gordon Fakely, Wally Cameron, Gerald Cameron, Jim Sheplawy, Larry Lorenson, Fred Frisby, Lee Hodge

Front Row: Ross Anderson, Jeannette Wyness, Shirley Anderson, Richard Lorenson, George Anderson