1953 July V 2 # 6

Neepewa ChangesĀ 

Herb Sills, who has left and returned to this Plant on numerous occasions, bade us farewell again to take up stakes at Lindbergh. We really admire you Herb, what with trying to sell the house, entertaining your Mother who had just arrived from Germany, finalizing Neepawa Works projects, preparing circular on escaping flue gases on your oil burner at home, etc. We wonder how you finally did get away.

In the midst of all this hubbub the staff cornered Herb for a few minutes to make a small but worthy presentation.

We welcome Mr. and Mrs. Ayres and Louanne to Neepawa. In the very short time they have been here they have made many friends. We won't mention anything about Mr. Ayre's golf, since we will allow him a few months to practice before we take any more nickels from him.