1972 February V 20 N 2

Lindbergh's 17th Annual Bonspiel

Audrey Hayes, Mike Maksymiuk, Shirley Maksymiuk, George Hayes first in 3rd Event

Curling Spiel Dominates Lindbergh News

         We are all creeping out from under the  cool temperatures we had in January –65°  below zero here at the plant and –65° below in nearby Lindbergh.       February, with its milder weather, was cer­tainly welcome. Morris Irvine felt it more  than most when he had to bring eight new  baby puppies in from –40° temperatures. Our news this month is mainly about curling—and the picture story speaks for itself.


Display of prizes.

Grand Challenge Winners, Lloyd Jenner, Judy  Jenner, Leonard Savak, Joanne Balks.  

Pearl Anderson, Henry Lorenson (wearing wig),  Florence Lorenson, Ralph Anderson (4th in 2nd event).

Jim Rylance, Erma Yewchin, Mike Palinka, Kay Rylance (3rd in 1st event).

Diana Anderson, Donnie Moneta, Debbie Ander­son, George Anderson (4th in 1st event).


Evelyn Babcock, Leon Babcock (wearing wig), Doreen Berg, Doug Berg (2nd in 2nd event).

Agnes Gadowski, Albert Gadowski, Bernice Poles­chuk, Archie Poleschuk (3rd in 2nd event).

Elaine Zayonce, Ken Palamarek, Joan Palamarek, John Zayonce (2nd in 1st event).

Ed Pankiw, Virginia Pankiw, Marie Buck, Ed Buck (1st in 2nd event).

Pearl Anderson, Henry Lorenson (wearing wig), Florence Lorenson, Ralph Anderson (4th in 2nd event).

Barry Young, Marg Cameron, Josephine McDonold, Rick Bartling (3rd in 3rd event).

 Joe Young, Irene Buck, Sophie Piech, Bob Lorenson (4th in 3rd event).