1972 August V 20 N 8

No more mud and mess at the Lindbergh Plant as these before pictures (left column) and after pictures (right column) clearly show. The road from Elk Point to the plant has been paved and so has the plant site. 











Black Top at Lindbergh

Finally, after years of wishing and hoping, the road from Elk Point to the plant here at Lindbergh has been paved. Also the whole plant site is now a block of pavement instead of the usual muddy mess.

Thursday, June 29, a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Elk Point Band was held at Elk Point, Mr. Copitihorne, Alberta's Minister of Highways cut the ribbon. Attending were Mr. Jack Mair, Canadian Salt vice- president of production from Montreal, Mr. John Williams, manager of Lindbergh plant, the plant supervisors, and Mr. Fluker, our local M.L.A., the St. Paul County Council members, the Elk Point town council members, some members of our local Conservative party, our four doctors, and other members of various organizations around Elk Point and Lindbergh. After the ceremony, the plant hosted a mouthwatering local 4H beef steak barbecue cooked by Dave Didow, chief cook, with the help of Tom Melnyk, Orest Capjack and Bob Lorenson. Mr. Copitihorne and Mr. Fluker gave speeches during the evening and Mr. Mair presented Mr. Copitihorne with a branding iron containing his initials, C.S.C. Elk Point town council gave him a locally hand-made diamond willow cane.


John Williams and Mr. Copitihorne display the branding iron.


Mr. Copitihorne speaks to the group.


Mr. Mair presents the branding iron to Mr. Copitihorne


Mick Fluker gives a speech.


Tom Melnyk, Dave Didow and Bob Lorenson pose as cooks.

At Lindbergh First To Get Watch

On July 7, 1972 Tom McLennan became the first Lindbergh employee to receive a gold watch. On June 30 the office staff held a small party complete with anniversary cake to celebrate the occasion. Mr. Jack Mair of head office, who was visiting here at the time, presented Tom with the watch. He congratulated him on his 25 years and wished him another 25 good ones in the future. This was rather amusing to Tom, who said "I figured I'd stay about a year when I first came here.


Jack D. Mair presents Tom McLennan with a 25 year gold watch.


Tom, Mr. Williams, Mr. Mair, and supervisors in the background enjoy a good joke.


Sophie cuts the anniversary cake.

John Williams pinned on Tom's 25 year pin, then Sophie cut and served the cake to all those present, including Corporal Goldberg and Mr. Paul Petrosky.

We all join in congratulations to Tom, and wish him the very best in the future.

News From Lindbergh

We all happily welcomed Mr. Herb Sills for his few days stay with us. The Packaging Girls enjoyed the pleasure of his company during a small coffee time birthday celebration for Sheila Lorenson. Coffee, cake and whipped cream topped with strawberries and pineapple. We talked with our mouths full but we thoroughly enjoyed it. The word "fattening" was not even mentioned!

The North Saskatchewan River gave us a few moments of wondering this summer. Heavy rain falls in other areas brought the level up quite shockingly. More debris and garbage floated down in a few days than is usually found in a year's time.


North Saskatchewan River flooded right to the pump house.



Creek backed up from river flooding.

We have with us for the summer months six new employees Wesley Meger, Richard Meger, Clifford Stults, Freda Krissa, Dwayne Moneta, and Tyler Morris. Two new regular employees are Don Heathcote and Victor Yushchyshyn. Welcome to all of you.