1954 September V 3 # 5




Congratulations to Jim Quinn who  recently received his 2nd Class Engineers papers, Good work Jim!

A rather belated but nevertheless interesting item, was the Cascade Community Club Picnic held at Whitney Lake on June 26th. A good crowd of adults and kiddies were on

on hand to participate in the games, races, ball games and the refreshments provided. Everyone reported having a good time.

We extend a hearty welcome to Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bowlby and son Leonard. Mr. Bowlby is a 2nd class Engineer and joined our staff as such on July 5th. We were sorry to hear that their son was sick and in hospital but are happy to say that he is home again fully recovered. The welcome mat was rolled out when our good friend Bert Ayres visited us for a couple of days. We certainly enjoyed having him with us again even if his stay couldn't be for very long!

Two other V.I.P. visitors have been with us lately. Bill Mahaffy of Montreal and Don Lumby, Edmonton, braved the rainy weather to pay us a call. It was Bill's first visit to Lindbergh and what with the rain and mud we don't believe he was too impressed. Can you blame him?

Three cheers for Nick Elaschuk. In his spare time Nick built dandy swings both for his own kiddies and the town- site youngsters too. Painted in gay red and green colors these swings are certainly getting the maximum of use and are really appreciated.

We've done it again! Another record for the land of liquid sunshine. A total of 6.87 inches of rain fell during the month of August. This is the highest rainfall for that month since the year 1899. It's times like that I'd like to be a duck. Wouldn't you?

We extend congratulations to Mr. Bill Ingersoll on his marriage to Miss Helen Scott of Elk Point. The wedding took place on August 16th at Elk Point. Bill is a mixer here at the Plant. The couple have taken up residence at Lindbergh.

Another marriage that took place on August 20th was that of Miss Joyce Castel to Mr. George Hansen. Joyce left our employ on August 14th. Good luck, Joyce, in this new venture!

No it isn't spring. It's just our new "Color Conditioning Scheme" going into effect. On the theory that "Cleanliness begets Cleanliness", our new workshop was painted two tone green instead of the usual dull gray. It looked so attractive that the general offices have been done in the same color scheme. By color conditioning we are furthering our high standing id housekeeping that exists here now. Lets keep it up!

Heard this one the other day:—

"The hand that lifts the cup that cheers,

Should not be used to shift the gears".

Cheerio ...