1971 October V 19 N 10

Lindbergh News

By Sophie Peck and Joan Darling

Work is progressing nice­ly on our new shop exten­sion. The roof still leaks— but the rafters are up so it shouldn't be too long until it's closed in and ready to use.

Not too long ago the office staff had a golfing tourna­ment with R. B. Hooper, G. J. McCann, G. D. McLeod, C. G. Porter, R. Robinson, D. B. Smith, of the Edmonton Sales Office visiting. George Krissa took the champion­ship trophy.

Sophie is the proud owner of her first car—a Duster—. She feels that everything about it is tops except the payments which are tops too in an entirely different cate­gory. Both Mr. Williams and Mr. Tom McLennan are also driving new cars this sum­mer.

Our fall weather is cer­tainly damp and miserable. Those that are trying to do a bit of farming on the side are finding that harvesting is almost impossible the last while.

We welcome Dennis Hef­fernan to our shop staff and Rodney Botting to our load­ing crew.

Congratulations and best wishes are extended to Alex and Shirley Evtushevski who were united in holy matri­mony on September 11, 1971.

Oh yes, we hear that the poor farmer took the money from the big city slickers.