1955 June V 4 # 3




CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER FOR Ed Dendera ( loader) who is the proud father of a bouncing baby boy. After four girls it's about time Ed!

WONDER WHO THE LUCKY GAL IS? Rumors have it that our payroll clerk is going to take that long trip down the aisle sometime in October. Who's the lucky girl Twe?

WE ALSO HEAR that Ray Hammond, Fused Plant Operator, is engaged to a real sharp-looking nurse from Elk Point. Congratulations Ray!

MISS ELSIE LEMECKA one of our packaging crew gals left the Company's employ on May 13th. She is going to Calgary to see what the Stampede Town is like.

A WARM WELCOME is extended to Miss Lila Sharkey who has taken Elsie's place. Lila hails from Heinsburg, Alberta.

PLANS FOR OUR ANNUAL CASCADE COMMUNITY CLUB PICNIC were made at the C.C.C. meeting on May 17th. Plans were also made for a playground and equipment on the townsite.

ART ROBINSON, Windsor Plant, has been on loan to our Lindbergh Plant for the past several weeks. Hope this country life agrees with you Art!

WE EXTEND OUR DEEPEST SYMPATHY to Audrey and John Nimmo, Edmonton on the death of Audrey's mother.

ANYBODY GOT A MAE WEST FOR SALE? We hear that Twe Horton is going to launch his speed boat in the near future. When's the christening taking place Twe?

HOW DO YOU DO IT ED? Five cars in less than 2 years is not bad, especially when we can't even buy a second hand bike. Won't you let us in on the secret please!

OUR WELCOME MAT was rolled out for Norm Hobson, H. A. Wilson, Montreal, Jack Mair, Windsor and Bert Ayres, Neepawa, who visited our Plant in April. A remarkable coincidence but the gopher population decreased rapidly while they were here!

You fellows can take comfort in the fact that we are soon to get a good road out East so you can come back again without the pontoons and rubber boots! Or were you scared away for good?

DON'T KNOW IF THE PICTURES of our "Slick Chicks At Lindbergh" in the last Licks had anything to do with it but one day last week we were asked for suggestions for a costume to represent salt in a pageant on Alberta's Golden Jubilee. After much consultation between Herb Sills and yours truly we came up with a very fashionable concoction made of 24/2's cartons, 50# Dairy bags and round cans. Had Dior seen it I'm sure he'd have had to admit it was "real cool".

N.B. We are not taking orders yet, girls, so don't please send in your measurements till we're in business.

Your licks correspondent has become very depressed lately. What with all these engagements being announced here "leap year list" is becoming shorter instead of longer!