Lindbergh Curling

The Lindbergh Curling Rink was built in a few short months in 1955 and the sport grew to be a main part of the community. You can find more about the early days here: As bonspiels started and grew in popularity the Lindbergh Mixed, Lindbergh Ladies and the Mens bonspiel. It was not only the curling on the years challenging natural ice but also the hospitality shown visitors between games. A lot of visiting went on between games and as more teams came to town the 2 sheet rink necessitated almost week long event. Good prizes also helped expand the event. The Grand Challenge always had a packed house watching and commenting on every shot. 

Early Lindbergh Game

The skip shouts "Sweep!" and sweep they did. "They" being Ron Seal, Joe Young and George Krissa. Elk Pointer, Bill Bartling stands idly by while visitors press their noses against the Thermo-pane in an exciting moment of the game!

Prizes 1964

Prizes for the 9th Annual Mixed in 1964

First Ladies Bonspiel 1964

First Ladies Bonspiel in 1964