1971 March V 19 n 3

Lindbergh News

New Correspondents Join 'Licks' Staff

by Sophie Piech and Joan Palamarek

The new Lindbergh correspondents, Sophie and Joan say hello to Licks readers. We hope you will enjoy reading our articles as much as we are going to enjoy writing them.

We can fly two new little flags for two new little family additions this month. Joan and Ken Palamarek have a baby boy, Murray Wendell, born February 1, 1971. They now have a family of three boys. Sherry and Marshall Pelech have a baby girl, Jamie Dawn, born February 9, 1971. She is their first little one. Congratulations to both families.

The office staff lost their juvenile delinquents when Margie Fedechko and Sophie Piech both reached their 21st birthdays in February. Even so, Sophie had to sit with a bucket beside her desk for a few hours one day . . . but that was because the roof was leaking.

One of our shift engineers, Erling Swanson, has left us after four years to join Imperial Oil at Devon, Alberta. The townsite ladies had a farewell tea for his wife, Joyce, at the home of Rhoda Lorenson. Dwayne Moneta has also left us to attend Alberta College in Edmonton. Good luck to you both. Also to Don Rae who replaces Erling.

A hearty welcome to Ron Lorenson who has joined us as janitor, replacing Morris Irving, who joined the fuse plant bagging crew.

We were sent a machine not too long ago that was designed to put bottoms on dial shaker cans. It had to be "stomped" every time a bottom was placed. We were considering hiring Stompin Tom Connors, but after a few days in the shop, we have a dandy little machine that pats those bottoms on nice and easy—no Stompin needed!!! A big bouquet to our shop crew for that one. They have also just finished a very neat job of putting up three new bins from the iodizing room. They had one small setback when (quote) "that little blonde from the office" (unquote) walked past. Neil tried to look up and smile a hello but he hit his head on the bin and the chance was gone.

Our plant women are proving themselves ,to be up on their curling toes. Georgina Morris's rink took first in Elk Point's women's open bonspiel and Sheila Lorenson's rink took second. Keep it up, girls.

The annual crib tournament is now being played here and in the surrounding area. We should have the results of the playoffs in the next issue.

Vera and Alf Fakeley returned Monday from a weekend trip to Saskatoon to the winter sports. Alf says if his ticket on the $60,000 happens to win it will be goodbye working here or anywhere else. We know better though. He wouldn't be happy withour a pencil behind his ear and a saw in his hand. 


2nd winners in 2nd event (left to right) Ron Seal, Georgina Morris,Alec Blacklock, Lily Seal to right) 

Mike Buck presents 1st event trophy to left  David Sharek, Judy Jenner, Les Meger, Lois Sharek


George Krissa presents 2nd event trophy to Second winners in 1st event (left to right) (left to right) Bill Pacholek, Irene Buck, Elmer Bjornstad, Lenore BjornstadPaul Stepa, Lena Stepa, John Williams, Bea Williams.


Mike Buck presents 3rd event trophy to (left to right) Archie Poleschuk, Bernice Poleschuk, Jim Rylance, Kay Rylance.