1952 V2#3 December


Light Comes to Lindbergh!

The power is through from the Salt Plant to Lindbergh and a lot of happy townspeople are proudly walking around under brilliant street lights and for the first couple of nights left the lights burning all night just to convince themselves it was really true.

The Morton Salt slogan, "When it rains, it pours,- really was a fact as far as visitors were concerned. We met Mr. M. Hopper from Morton's in Chicago for the first time, Martin O'Day and Herb. Sills. Frank Whitty came in a month ago and John Nimmo was in from Edmonton office.

The weather was perfect throughout and we feel sure Mr. Hobson and others who were camera-conscious will have the good shots they hoped for. As for ducks—well, maybe the weather was too good for them to start south. We did hear one of the hunters persistently tried to load a roll of Life Savers into his shotgun!! Pepper-mint, no doubt!

Now we've heard everything—Alex. Wyness tells us he has boiled the skull of a beaver, which is to be forwarded to Mr Hobson. It sounds soupish but we understand it was to ensure a good clean skull! Skullduggery, more likely.

Sunday School classes were resumed on Sunday, October 5th, in the Recreation Room of the Staff House, with fourteen townsite children in attendance. Mrs. J. Williams and Mrs. G. Krissa will teach for October, alternating monthly with Mrs. H. Ayres and Mrs. A. Fakeley. Mrs. J. Wiebe, Miss Bernice Swanson and Miss Steffie Uchman will fill in as substitutes from time to time.

Which reminds us of a cute story we heard yesterday.

When Peter came home from Sunday School, his mother asked what the lesson had been about.

"It was about Gladly," replied Peter.

"Gladly?" repeated his mother, in surprise. "Who was that?" "He was a cross-eyed bear," came the answer.

Curious and amused by his answers, Peter's mother glanced through his Sunday School lesson leaflet. There, in bold type, she came across the week's memory verse and the source of Peter's confusion: "Gladly, the cross I'd bear."

As the day for witches and hobgoblins approached, the Cascade Community Club really came out in grand style with one of the best -Spook- parties for a good long while. On Nov. 1st, the basement of the staff house was done up in a way that would make any old witch's heart feel good. Witches, black cats and pumpkins decorated the walls, and believe me, it would make the hair stand up on the neck of the bravest guy. We played games such as "Passing the Apple" and 4 contestants fed each other ice-cream blindfolded ! It really was a scream. We danced by the light of Jack-O-Lanterns and there were really some good costumes, just to make things weirder. Mr. Ayres won the first prize with his portrayal of a "squaw", and it was a prize well won.

John Dmytruk won second as a clown. The judges really had a hard time deciding and did a very good job. On the 31st, the Lindbergh Community put on a masquerade dance and 1st prize for Character Costume was taken by Mrs. Irene Anderson of Cascade, who played the part of a witch. First in comedy went to Dorothy Allan and Doreen Anderson who teamed as a pair of clowns.

The Annual Meeting of the Cascade Community Club was held on Thursday, October 16th, in the Recreation Hall at the Staff House. The election of officers was the main item on the agenda. Mr. Herb. Sills from Neepawa attended the meeting as a guest and was asked to act as Chairman for the election proceedings, which he carried off very well. The following members are in office for the current year:—

President                                 J B. Wright

Vice-President....................... H. Ayres

Secretary ............................. Miss B. Swanson

Treasurer.............................. Mrs. H. Ayres

Recreation Committee............. Ronald Seal

G. Krissa

A. Wyness

W. Anderson

Entertainment Committee... Mrs. J. Williams Mrs. G. Krissa Mrs. A. Fakeley Miss S. Uchman