by Marvin Bjornstad

The Lindbergh area grew in a number of different phases. Around 1905 early settlers like Bob Chandler and Henry Anderson moved into the area. Life was very isolated and a number of communities sprung up. There was a telegraph office in today's Riverview located near the old curling rink. This was called Mooswa. Another community was located near today's George Anderson farm then the Springsteel Place.

The coming of the ferry in about 1910 put a focus around Mooswa. Eddie Davis built his first store there. It also was the long time cross roads for the Edmonton to Winnipeg trail (often called the Carlton Trail or the Victoria Trail) across the Mooswa Creek. 

In 1911 the Moose Creek School opened in the present Lindbergh across the creek on the west side. It was there for many years. As the Railway approached in 1927 stores, other businesses and homes began to appear in the present Lindbergh location.

The next big change started in 1948 with the begining of the construction of the Alberta Salt Plant at Riverview.