Fire at Salt Plant January 20 1998

Maintenance Shop on fire

Explosion, Fire at Windsor Salt 1998

(excerpted from Gordon Fakeley's Canadian Salt Plant 1947 - 2008: How I Remember and Lived it)

A major explosion and fire rocked Canadian Salt’s Lindbergh facility last Tuesday morning, destroying three quarters of their maintenance building and injuring three workers. The injured employees were working in the area at the time of the explosion and received minor burns. They were transported to Elk Point Health Centre where one man was released after treatment and two were kept in overnight for observation.
The Elk Point Volunteer Fire Department, with the help of the facility employees, extinguished the fire shortly before 2 p.m. The source of the fire is not known and is under investigation by Canadian Salt. Canadian Salt’s Lindbergh personnel are cooperating with local government Occupational Health and Safety authorities who were on site. Canadian Salt spokesman Ken Palamarek says the plant is “operating normally,” but without its full complement of the maintenance equipment which is a support service to the plant. “We’re working toward getting the facility back online.” The Lindbergh facility has been in operation almost 50 years, opening on July 1, 1948 and has been a major employer in the area since that time.

1998 Explosion and Fire
An explosion and fire at Canadian Salt’s Lindbergh works destroyed much of the plant’s maintenance building, injured three workers and sent smoke billowing high into the fog, with fire crews containing the blaze and keeping it from spreading to the rest of the plant.

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