1982 Summer

35 Years at Lindbergh


George Krissa has started the New Year by celebrating his 35th year with our Company. On January 2, 1983 he was the FIRST of Lindbergh employees to achieve 35 years of service. George was one of the original employees and has been with the Company since the Lindbergh Plant started its initial construction.

George and his wife Maude have lived on the Company Townsite since 1949, where they raised their family of three daughters and one son. Their three daughters are married, two living in Edmonton and one in Ft. McMurray. Their son is residing in the Elk Point area. They are the proud grandparents of six children. Congratulations George!



Congratulations to Marge Osinchuk, of the Distribution Department, and her husband, Willie, who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on July 12, 1982




Dan Allen retired April 30, 1982 



Our sympathy to the family of Robert I. Lorenson who passed away October 13, 1981. 


New Employees:   
Adrien Ewasiuk Fused Bagging May 4/82
Cheryl Derewynka Office Staff April 27/82
Ethel (M itch) Briand Lab  June 14/82
Wally Briand  Security Dept.  April 7/82 
Service Awards:   
Marge Osinchuk 5 years May 25/82
Irwin A. Hildebrandt 5 years Dec. 2/82
Philip Shankowski 5 years May 2/82
Thomas Rae  5 years July 12/82
Larry Anderson 5 years  Dec. 30182
John Evtushevski 15 years Nov. 27182
Nicholas Elaschuk 30 years June 23/82
Tom Holliday 20 years Dec. 1/82
Walter Lesyk  25 years  May 7/82