1971 May V 19 N 5

Lindbergh News 

By Joan DarlingAnd Sophie Piech

Our mountains of snow are almost gone and a new spring has arrived. Everyone is in high spirits with holiday time — and all that summer offers in the near future.

Our manager's (Mr. Williams) new residence has been started in Elk Point. The basement has been dug and forms are laid for the footings. It will be a happy day when the last nail has been pounded.

Elk Point and surrounding area have been impatiently waiting for spring to see the beginning of construction of their new arena. There are a number of events planned to help raise the $100,000.00 to finish it to perfection. A lot of donations are already in with a lot more promised in the future. With a lot of luck, a lot of work, and most important — a lot of cooperation they should be able to as their motto says — "LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN".

We extend our apologies to Joan Palamarek whose name — by mistake — was stated as a Lindbergh correspondent.

Jim Rylance is going away to school in Calgary to study for his Millwright papers. We're with you Jim. Good Luck! ! ! !

We welcome back on their jobs Bob Lorenson and Joe Jendruck, who were both away for a while on sick leave.

Deanna & Gordon Fakely had their son Carl Russell baptized in the United Church on Sunday April 18.

Our condolences go out to Tom Holliday. He says that the grave yard shift is - - - - On second thought maybe we better not say it.