1974 March V 22 N 3

Successful Bonspiel At Lindbergh Rink

Grand Challenge (from left), A. Smuk, E. Smuk, J. Jenner, L. Jenner.

Second in the First Event, L. Rylonce, A. Hur­tubise, G. Hurtubise, D. Moneta.

First in the Second Event, G. Bendixen, Lorenson, F. Bendixen, G. Bendixen.

Second in the Second Event, S. Algot, G. Algot, H. Mudryk, J. Mudryk.

First in the Third Event, M. Lorenson, S. Lorenson, D. Anderson, S. Cameron.

Second in the Third Event, S. Dmytrash, L. Sharek, S. Kuziw, 0. Dmytrash.