1963 May V12 no 5



The third annual Windsor Club Cribbage Tournament was completed with 159 players in 11 groups playing about 3,000 games. Winners in the units were as follows:

Windsor Club:                      Mrs. Irene Anderson

Lindbergh No. 1:                 Norman Young

Lindbergh No. 2:                  Clarence Heinemann

Ferguson Flats:                  Neil Nelson

Spring Park:                       Dean Stults

Heinsburg No. 1:                F. Younghans

Heinsburg No. 2:                 D. Krider

Elk Point No. 1:                   Joe Jendruck

Elk Point No. 2:                   R. Holiday

Elk Point No. 3:                     M. Krevenky

Willow Range:                       W. Yaremkevich

In the play-offs between these eleven, Neil Nelson won the Grand Prize, the Chemical Workers Cribbage Trophy for 1963.

The presentation of prizes for 8 years without a lost-time accident was held February 5th. Mr. J. D. Mair made the presentations, and present to offer best wishes for a continuing safety record was M. F. O'Day.

The 8th annual Windsor Club Mixed Bonspiel was successfully concluded January 30—February 3rd. 32 rinks participated. The list of prize winners follows, listed as skip, 3rd, 2nd and lead:

Canadian Salt Co. Event:

First Prize:

P. Stepa                          J. D. Williams

Mrs. P. Stepa                 Mrs. B. Williams

Second Prize:

M. Buck                         J. Pyper

Mrs. M. Buck                Mrs. J. Pyper

Third Prize:

G. Krissa                                 E. W. Pankiw

Mrs. V. Pankiw                        Mrs. E. Bjornstad

Fourth Prize:

E. Bochon                                  D. Ballas

Mrs. J. Wilson                             Miss J. Ballas

Merchants Event:

First Prize:

J. Boyd                         E. Bristow

Mrs. J. Boyd                 Mrs. E. Bristow

Second Prize:

H. Sewchuck                               F. Mulak

Mrs. H. Sewchuck                  Mrs. F. Mulak

Third Prize:

W. Saranchuk                              V. Lawrence

Mrs. F. Lorenson                       Mrs. W. Saranchuk

Fourth Prize:

F. Frisby, Jr.                                E. Anderson

Mrs. F. Sutton.                            Mrs. D. Grey 

Supervisors Event:

First Prize:

J. Bykewich                                 M. Oreschuk

Mrs. N. Wozney                      Mrs. Vaughan

Second Prize:

Dr. K. C. Miller                         B. Milholland

Mrs. K. C. Miller                       Mrs. B. Milholland

Third Prize:

N. Robinson                              W. Trefiak

Mrs. N. Robinson                      A. Olinyk

Fourth Prize:

E. Lowe                                      L. Wilson

Mrs. E. Lowe                            Mrs. L. Wilson

Windsor Curling Club Event:

First Prize:

P. Yewchin                   J. Rosychuk

Mrs. P. Yewchin             Mrs. J. Tredger

Second Prize:

G. Anderson               H. Sutton

Miss D. Stults                Mrs. S. Lorenson

Third Prize:

B. Bowman                  A. McDonald

Miss J. Young                Miss L. Austin

Fourth Prize:

P. Zazulak                     J. Palinka

Mrs. P. Algot                  Mrs. J. McConnell

A women's bonspiel was held March 16. Winners were as follows:

First: Mrs. P. Bristow, Mrs. J. Wilson, Mrs. E. Bjornstad, Mrs. G. Meger.

Second: Mrs. Shiela Lorenson, Miss D. Stults, Miss B. L. Stults, Mrs. Shiela Lorenson.

We are happy to see Al Fakeley is back to work after being on sick leave.

Bill Sullivan and Larry Lorenson are driving around in different vehicles lately and seem quite happy with their choice. We finally found out what color Reg. Hooper's new car was, after he removed a few layers of mud. Roy Kendall is sporting a new Vanguard Triumph.

The 1963 Windsor Curling Club Round Robin was completed with the following rinks coming out on top.

First: W. Saranchuk, V. Lawrence, R. Kepke, C. Hoard. Second: G. Krissa, Mrs. V. Pankiw, E. W Pankiw, Mrs. E. Bjornstad.

Third: M. Buck, Mrs. I. Buck, J. Pyper, Mrs. J. Pyper. Fourth: A. Meger, Mrs. P. Bristow, Mrs. Bristow, Mrs. G. Meger.

A total of 19 rinks took part in the competition for the season.



Alex Wyness presents Ralph Storey with a gift on his retirement.


J. D. Williams presents Mr. & Mrs. Reintjes with a farewell gift.



J. D. Williams presents Mr. & Mrs. Reintjes with a farewell gift.  Mrs. C. Crebas presents Mrs. Reintjes with a gift

from the district women.


J. D. Moir presents G. Krissa with a safety prize,
while M. F. O'Day assists.


Part of the gathering awaiting the distribution of safety prizes.


The safety prize display.


J. D. Moir presents a prize to Deanna Nelson.


A lineup of Bonspiel prizes.


Bonspiel ice caretakers, Ron Seal and George Krissa.


Lining up for the Bonspiel banquet.



First: P. Stepa, Mrs. P. Stepa, J. D. Williams, Mrs. J. D. Williams.


Second: M. Buck, Mrs. M. Buck, J. Pyper, Mrs. J. Pyper.


Third: G. Krissa, Mrs. V. Pankiw, E. W. Pankiw, Mrs. E. Bjornstad.


Fourth: E. Bochon, Mrs. J. Wilson, D. Ballas, Miss J. Ballas.


First: J. Boyd, Mrs. J. Boyd, E. Bristow, Mrs. E. Bristow.


Second: H. Shewchuck, Mrs. H. Shewchuck, F. Mulak, Mrs. F. Mulak.


Third: W. Saranchuk, Mrs. F. Lorenson, V. Lawrence,
Mrs. W. Saranchuk.

Editor's apologies: Please forgive us. Our Lindbergh correspondent was very conscientious about sending us all the names of all the members of the winning teams. He also sent us good pictures of most of the teams. But, he didn't say which was whom. So — the names are there, in no special order, and we hope you will have fun fitting the names to the pictures


Fourth: F. Frisby, Jr., Mrs. F. Sutton, E. Anderson, Mrs. D. Grey
(small mascot is unidentified).


First: J. Bykewich, Mrs. N. Wozney, M. Oreschuk, Mrs. Vaughan.


Second: Mr. K. C. Miller, Mrs. K. C. Miller, B. Milholland,
Mrs. B. Milholland.


Fourth: E. Lowe, Mrs. E. Lowe, L. Wilson, Mrs. L. Wilson.


First: Mrs. P. Yewchin, P. Yewchin, J. Rosychuk, Mrs. J. Tredger.


Second: G. Anderson, Miss D. Stults, H. Sutton, Mrs. S. Lorenson


Third: B. Bowman, Miss J. Young, A. McDonald, Miss L. Austin.


Fourth: P. Zasulak, Mrs. P. Algot, J. Palinka, Mrs. J. McConnell.