Lindbergh Photos of Groups


Lindbergh July 1932

Ladies and Men's Ball Team

Back: Irene Anderson, Dorothy Lorenson, Mildred Passmore, Sudie Edwards, Vina Anderson, Inez Carlson, Melvina Carlson, Nancy Anderson, Nellie Maxwell, Therese de Delley.

Front: Fred Frisby, Bob Maxwell, Charlie Keller, Glen Maxwell, Rolf Anderson, Leo Edwards, Gaylord Maxwell


Back: Hugh Cinnamon, Clifford Stults, Mrs Cinnamon, Howard Cinnamon, Barney Edwards, Mrs Edwards, Wallace Cinnamon, a stranger, Neil Edwards

Middle: Lucille edwards, Gerald Stults

Bottom: Ruby Edwards, Jim Edwards



Back: Josie Laughlin, Mrs Anna Naderson, Audrey Lorenson, Mrs Beth Lawrence, Helen Magnusson, Phyllis Lawrence, Mrs Kwapitsz, Mrs George Keck

Front Mrs Jack Lorenson, Rhoda Lorenson, Florence Lorenson, Mrs Fre Frisby Sr, Irene Frisby, Mrs Dinsmore, Gladys Sweheim, Marie Lawrence