1975 March April V 23 N 2

Lindbergh Men Singled Out

By Jane Dikeman


John Williams presents Dan Allen with 25-year watch and pin at Lindbergh ceremonies.

Our congratulations go to Dan Allen who completed 25 years with the Company on February 22, 1975. Dan is the Well Tender and Truck Driver for Lindbergh Plant. On the occasion of his 25th Anniversary, John Williams presented Dan with his 25- year pin and watch.

Our congratulations also go to Morris Irvine who received his five-year pin on March 10, 1975. Morris is a block press operator.

Elmer Bjornstad, Chief Engineer, our Power Plant Supervisor, celebrated his 20th Anniversary on March 14, 1975. Elmer received his 20-year pin and congratulations for a job well done.

Lindbergh News

By Jane Dikeman

Sharon Fortin has announced wedding plans and has terminated her services as clerk/typist with the Company. We wish you all of the very best, Sharon.

Barbara John will be taking over Sharon's duties. After completing high school in 1974, Barbara attended a secretarial school in Edmonton. Welcome to Lindbergh, Barbara.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. and Mrs. John Herne, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Keil and Mr. and Mrs. Jack McCullum to Lindbergh for the weekend. We are very sorry that Mr. and Mrs. Merv Buchanan were unable to join us.

During their visit we had two curling spiels, one was for the A. J. Robinson Trophy and the other was for the Martin O'Day Trophy.

The A. J. Robinson Trophy "Grudge Match" was an exciting event with Lindbergh retaining the trophy again this year. The winners were Ed Pankiw, George Krissa, Ron Seal, and Elmer Bjornstad. The runners up were Doug Keil, John Herne, Jack McCallum and John Williams. John
Williams!!! Do you smell a traitor???

There was an enormous variety of delicious foods served for lunch. The lunches were provided by the ladies.

Following the spiel we gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Williams for a very enjoyable evening. We started the evening with a lovely meal served by Mrs. Williams. After dinner the men kept the pool table quite busy while the ladies enjoyed a game of whist.

Sunday was the spiel for the Martin O'Day Trophy.

The winners were John Herne, Lily Seal, Elmer Bjornstad, and Connie Capjack. Runners up were Doug Keil, Jane Dikeman, Tom Melynyk, and Orest Capjack. The other curlers are all "WINNERS" in our book as they are all such good sports.

After the bon spiel we· were treated to a delicious Chinese Dinner at The Golden Dragon restaurant in St. Paul. After dinner we were once again the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Williams for another delightful evening. We also had the pleasure of listening to organ music supplied by
Doug KeiI. All of our thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Williams for their wonderful hospitality.


Winners of the A. J. Robinson Trophy-presented by John Williams to Ed Pankiw, Skip; George Krissa, Third; Ron Seal, Second; Elmer Bjornstad, Lead


Jack McCallum, Bea Williams, Tom McLennan, Walter Lesyk


Lunch at the curling rink


Ron Seal and Doug Keil


Orest Capjack and John Herne


Gail Hurtubise, Jane Dikeman, John Williams, Sharon Fortin and Barbara John


Marie Lesyk, Lenora Bjornstad, George Dikeman and Pearl Keil


Martin O'Day trophy winners-John Herne, Lily Seal, Elmer Bjornstad and Connie Capjack, Doug Keil making presentation.