1973 October November V 21 N 9

Lindbergh News

Four Employees Receive 25-Year Service Awards

By Maxine Sommerville

1973 has brought the Company great pleasure in presenting four of our employees with 25 year service awards. The watches and pins were presented by John Williams, Works Manager.

After many months of great activity in expansion and renovating of our Plant, we all find it quite a change to once again settle down to our daily operating routine. Ken Palamarek will do us the honour of presenting his report in December's issue.

Our other big project was a natural gas pipeline. A new gas well was successfully drilled in early fall. A total of seven miles of pipe had to be laid, tying into a well drilled last year and then on to the Plant. Due to the amount of rain this fall, muddy conditions hampered progress. Rocks and bush and now, finally, cold freezing weather which has frozen the ground a good foot has made digging quite a slow process. Finally after a lot of hard and sometimes miserable work, the pipeline is nearing completion.

Congratulations, PIPELINE CREW, a job well done!

The Windsor Club has again started the winter session by constructing a skating rink for our Plant hockey team (Moosewa Mavericks) and also for the community pleasure skaters. The Canadian Salt Company has made this rink possible by donating $600.00. Our very active Windsor Club has raised $900.00 and has equipped the team with socks and sweaters.

My special thanks to Margie Fedechko, Randy Kulczycki, and Bill Pacholek for volunteering so graciously in helping me to keep you posted on the happenings of our western Plant.


Tony Sheplawy, like Fred, started with the construction of the Plant and joined our Company in 1948 where he has spent his 25 years as pan room operator. Tony is a very avid sportsman and has bagged many a buck. Tony and his wife Maryann have managed the staff house at Riverview for the past 6 years and are well known to many of the executives who have visited our Plant.


George Krissa started employment with us January 2, 1948 in the maintenance department. In June of '48 he was transferred to the pan room where he worked for 5 years. He was then promoted to shipping supervisor where he served till January, 1970, and then was further promoted to his present position of Plant Supervisor. George is one of the original residents of Riverview where he has been an active member of our Windsor Club and is credited with numerous trophies acquired by his curling and golfing skills.


In 1947 Fred McAleese started on construction of the Plant with Casault Engineering and then joined Canadian Salt in June,1948. He started in the pan room where he is well known as one of the most knowledgeable operators. Fred is not only a devoted employee, but is also a very successful farmer.


Alf Fakeley started with Canadian Salt in November, 1948, as a block press operator. From there he worked in many different departments and later joined the maintenance crew where he is now working. Alf is a man of many hobbies.