1976 August V 24 N 5

Managers Visit


Doug Keil and John Williams, at left, the Plant Managers of Regina and Lindbergh, greet each other as they exchange visits. In June each spent the major part of a week at the other's plant to prepare position descriptions for the salary administration program. At Regina we were sorry that John's visit had to end on the sad news that his niece had died from the result of a car accident. We extend our sympathies.

Lindbergh Annual Golf Tournament

The annual Lindbergh Golf Tournament was held on Friday, June 25 this year with the works division coming out on top with Ken Palamarak taking the trophy home. Once again John and Bea Williams must be congratulated for being perfect hosts and serving up the most delicious barbeque with steaks and all the trimmings. 


Tom McLennan Gerry McCann—Cliff Porter—John Williams. (on the table) 


Don Lumby—one for the corner "pocket"


Gord McLeod—trying to break Tom Melnyk at Blackjack. 


Blackjack with Ken Palamarak, Ron Robinson, Emil Mudryk and Tom Melnyk—back to camera dealing.


Lumby—Cliff Porter—John Williams waiting their turn