June 1970 V 18 N5

News from Lindbergh

We wish John and Bea Williams "bon voyage" on their vacation to northern Europe. John and Bea will be leaving on the 1st of June for four weeks holiday tour­ing Denmark, Norway and England.

Congratulations to Bob Lorenson, Alvin Meger and George Krissa on their recent promotions. Lindbergh plant management has an­nounced that effective June 1, 1970, George Krissa will take over the duties of plant superintendent from Alex Wyness, who due to ill health has been unable to return to work. Alvin Meger will re­place George Krissa as ship­ping supervisor and Bob Lorenson will assume Alvin's duty as fuse plant supervisor.

Prior to taking over as fuse plant supervisor, Bob was with the plant mainten­ance crew as a mechanic.

Bob Lorenson, newly appoint­ed fuse plant supervisor.

Best of luck to Ken Pala­marek in his new hobby. Ken has enrolled in a course in flying and hopes to get his private pilot's license in the near future.

Congratulations to Mike Buck as the new president of the "Windsor Club". Mike reVaces Ken Palamarek.

The new gas regulating station is almost complete, and should be in operation by June 30, 1970. Excavat­ing in progress for addition to power house.

Service Pins

Lloyd H. Jenner        5-year pin 12 May, 1970 

Marshal F. Pelech    5-year pin 17 May, 1970

Employees On The Move

We wish to welcome the following new em­ployees who have been hired as summer relief.  Andrew Ference, George Milholland, Harvey Buksa, Bob Johnson, Lester Smith.