1952 V2#2 October




by Doreen Anderson

August 6th was a big day for all of us. The day we set for our Cascade Sports was bright and hot, and we really took advantage of it. There were four ball teams from the surrounding districts, competing for the $90.00 prize money. For the kiddies there were foot races, jumping contests, bicycle contests, bicycle races, etc. The climax for the kiddies was a Bicycle Decorating contest and the $2.00 first prize money was won by my kid brother, and guess who helped with the decorating. There was a Refreshment Booth on the grounds, and Bingo and Horseshoes for the folk who didn't care for the more strenuous sports.

The draw on the Big Raffle was made and Bob Lorenson won the blanket. The cake was won by a local businessman. The day ended grandly with a successful dance. We are told the gross receipts for the day amounted to $530.00 and the Cascade Community Club realized a profit of $140.00.

Two of our men, Charles Starchesky and Walter Saranchuk, added another year to their ages on the 6th and at the dance they were really celebrating—their birthdays! By the next day we were all thoroughly exhausted but happy with the memories of a day well spent.

*       * *

Our apologies go to Joyce Castel, a new employee who somehow was missed last month. Welcome, anyhow, Joyce! ''Welcome In", also goes to Caroline Chomlack, Marvin Barter, Leonard Young, and Twe Horton. Twe is taking Shirley Romanchok's place in the office, as Shirley has left us.

*       * *

Charlie Starchesky has had a jinx following him lately. He hurt his hand on the Yale Worksaver and was off work about two weeks; then the day he came back to work, a block fell on his foot, and broke his toe, so he landed right back in the hospital. Those nurses must have treated him pretty good.

We still hope to see him back real soon.

*         * *

Our mechanic, Harry Keck, has left us and was given a nice farewell party at the Staff House. Whist was played and a delicious lunch served afterwards. Mr. and Mrs. Keck both gave farewell speeches.

Our foreman, Alex Wyness, is back on the job again and we're glad to have him back, although we will miss George Krissa who was taking Alex's place during his illness. George is now going back to the Pan Room, so he's not very far away.

*         * *

Arrangements have been completed with The Canadian Utilities, whereby the Lindbergh Salt Works will supply some of their surplus electrical power to the village of Lindbergh, situated two and one-half miles west of the Salt Works. It is expected the power will be turned on about the end of September. We hope the -bright lights" in Lindbergh are a forerunner of future developments for our nearby village.

* * *